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drink me, eat me

Wonderland Alice’s ‘drink me’ potion and ‘eat me’ cake would come in pretty handy. I’d give my ‘drink me’ potion to Moustache Man so he could play Polly Pocket and hang out with me at work without anyone knowing.  It would be our little secret.

I haven’t narrowed it down on how I’d use the ‘eat me’ cake, but here are a few options:

-give a good ass kick to some mean people

-save the world

-cross a broken bridge

-check out the clouds (I think it might be like eating fluffy snow)

-travel (I much prefer walking to flying)

-give tall girl hugs (WINNER!)

credits: twenty8twelve tank, alice + olivia skirt, premiata pumps


This outfit isn’t traditionally me.  I attribute it to my watching too much Gossip Girl.

Moustache Man and I are off on our mini break tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to some eating, hiking, beaching and general relaxing.

credits: antipodium plainsman blouse, alice + olivia skirt, premiata pumps

Like, whoa

Moustache Man and I were taking a stroll around the neighborhood when we came across a shop selling LD Tuttle samples.  Of course I had to do a little browsin’.  Imagine my delight when I found The Clear Pipe.  I was obsessed with the pipe heel a year back when MM showed me The Keeper, but it never made it to production so I couldn’t get my hands on it.  My heartbreak is all but forgotten.  I couldn’t be more pleased to stomp around, twirl and do a little dance in my iron heeled LD newbies.

I’m rounding up links . . . leave a little note if you’re feeling it.

credits: vintage knit top, alice & olivia zen pants, ld tuttle the clear pipe, derek lam sunnies

Are you there?

I was in a shop the other day and had the worst experience with the sales people.  When I walked out of the dressing room empty handed, it was like I didn’t exist anymore.  I’ve been to higher end stores with much more grace than that.  That’s why I’ve decided to make a vow.  If I ever become a shop girl I promise not to be rude to people who simply want to try on expensive clothes, but can’t afford them.  Really, it’s a shame these horrible people are allowed to be around beautiful clothes everyday.

And I know I’ll be going to Saks if those dresses ever go on sale.  Snap, snap, snap!

credits: rose chase me vest, alice + olivia leather skirt, falke socks, marni platform sandals

Fat Trash

It took me until now to realize why I’ve been getting so much penis enlargement spam.

I continue to revel in these cross back bras.  You know how much I love layering and parties in the back.

This is my first Alice + Olivia purchase.  I’ve avoided them because of this dress, which is burned in my mind when it comes to the brand.  But the pants are cool and Maria Cornejo like without being as expensive.  I may have to to do a nip and tuck to the tabs at the hem (I tucked them in for the photos), but other than that they’re just dandy.

credits: emporio armani vest, t by alex wang bra, alice +  olivia pleated zen pants, ld tuttle the creature