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I am wearing a JOGGING PANT. In public, shamelessly.

Not that wearing jogging pants is a big deal anymore. Christine Centenera wears them without a blink of an eye and it’s been on the runway for a number of seasons. But I’ve always been skeptical about the place of these house pants in the fashion world.

My aversion began in the tender years of college, where my casual colleagues prompted this personal vow, “I shall never take one footstep out of my home in sweatpants, pajamas or anything of the like.” It perplexed me to be surrounded by a blur of droopy sweats and crinkled flannel. I mean, how hard was it to throw on a grungy pair of jeans?? They didn’t even have to be clean!

Well after all these years, I guess I’ve been won over. But in my defense, the bar for styling jogging pants, even in the traditional grey French terry, has risen significantly. I mean, there are just so many options! But if you’re still feeling hesitant, here are a few tips:

  1. Start off with a jogging pant that has a little something going on. A contrast cuff, exposed zippers, specialized stitches, something that will rival those dodgy Champions.
  2. Don’t hesitate to hook it up. Pair those jogging pants with a top in the same color + fabric. But make sure that either 1 or both have a special detail and if not, add something else to the outfit. (See #3 + #4.)
  3.  Juxtapose the sporty pant with something dressy. Maybe it’s your Equipment blouse or a pair of pointed stilettos. Maybe it’s a statement Marni necklace. Things usually work out when you pair up opposites.
  4. Use outer layers to your advantage. An awesome oversize coat, faux fur, a trench, blazer or leather will all coordinate perfectly with your joggers.
  5. Lastly, don’t be afraid to go full on sporty. Whether you sneaker wedge it for a little height or just throw on your black suede Nike Air Max’s, own it. As long as you don’t look like you’ve been sitting on your couch for a week in said pants, I think you (and me) will be golden.

credits: alexander wang sweatshirt, minimale animale blondie + christie brinkley, ann-sofie back knee pad joggers, premiata pumps, derek lam sunnies

*photos by miss j

dark cloud

After a hot, hot summerrrrr stretching into fall and winter, we’re finally starting to feel a chill.  I pulled out my cozy socks and Alex Wang circle scarf  for the day’s festivities.  Hopefully into this week, I’ll start breaking out my coats and beanies.  Yummy, cozy weather perfect for snuggles.

credits: alexander wang circle scarf, alexander wang rib tunic, bdg bike shorts, untitled socks, ld tuttle the shifter

Great Escape

Moustache Man calls these my diaper shorts.  I prefer parachute shorts.

I’d been eying these Anglomania shorts since they came out, but the price was too steep.  Fortunately, I found them for half the price and I’m still in love.  I’ve worn them three days in a row, which seems borderline obsessive.

MM and I went on a little jaunt the other day to the aquarium.  We saw plenty of fish, but my absolute favorite were the otters and stingrays.  The rays are surprisingly cute . . . they shimmy up the side of the tank to get pets from loud children and moustache men alike.

credits: alexander wang top, t by alexander wang bra, vivienne westwood anglomania shorts, marni platform sandals


I’ve been working like crazy these past couple of months.  I have a new job, a hopeful outlook and a couple of well deserved vacations in queue.

Also in queue . . . more posts!

credits: asos bodysuit, alexander wang shorts, ld tuttle the creature

breaking and entering

This Halloween I’m going to be a fashion blogger who’s SOL with credit card debt (online shopping of course) and needs to pull a heist to pay it all off.  It’s very original.

Today’s been one of those “I’ve been hit by a truck” feeling days, which require your boyfriend man’s clothes.  I borrowed MM’s Rag & Bone military shirt to wear as a jacket.  Despite the disturbing fact that it fits me, it hit the spot like a good chai does on a spooky, gloomy day.

credits: banana republic hat, rag & bone military shirt, alexander wang tunic, ld tuttle the shaper, tse fingerless gloves, derek lam sunnies