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you’ve got spirit

you've got spirityou've got spirit

tulip fold crew

jacquard cuff crew

i’m so over you

waiting for the sun


Ever since ‘she who will not be named’ informed me that she had my exact same sunnies in the exact same color, I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair.  An encounter like that seems to indicate a need to part with my ole Derek Lams (even just for a little while).  For some reason, I’ve been getting into wooden sunnies.   Between the different wood types/finishes and hand carving processes, each set is completely unique, a quality I’m definitely after.


The voodoo that you do.

Rick Owens F12

I’m a cyborg, but that’s ok


Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Letizia Negri, the creator of BINGLABART. The sculptural, fantastical pieces speak to the nature of more than just the fashion forward.

While traveling to Ladakh, India, Letizia was incredibly inspired by the people there.  Living in what she labeled as cave homes, these mountain dwellers were curious about Letizia’s pieces and eager to don them for her.  “What struck me most was the effortless class these poor people have . . . we are so used to conceiving fashion in a glamorous, chic and often feigned way and I wanted something very different for my line, something completely breaking with fashion system.”  To Letizia, using Ladakh natives as models represents “class will out,” and  these photos will always be an inspiration not just to her, but everyone.    


Do these not scream, WEAR ME NOW!!!!!

I’m diggin’ the eyebrows.  It could really work for someone like me who doesn’t have any.

dilan walpola

available at olive shoppe