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Posh Hide and Seek

Ready or not here she comes.  The former Spice Girl known for her outlandish fashion sense has debuted her Spring 2009 dress collection at Selfridges.  According to The Guardian, the rack of items was left nearly empty on the first day proving that the soccer mom has major retail appeal.  Her structured and tailored dresses have received positive reviews including a comparison with designer RM, which is no suprise since he “mentored” her through the whole process.   But however beautiful the craftsmanship, these dresses are not for the faint of wallet.  Reaching up to $3,000, penny pinchers will have to settle for a look but don’t have approach.

Some may find it difficult to believe that Posh has a sense of humor.  If her Marc Jacobs advertisments weren’t proof enough, here is another bit of wit.  In a recent video campaign for her collection, a group of models and she participate in a whimsical game of hide and seek.  I encourage you to play.  Tag, you’re it!


Million Dollar Man

A Russian Birthday

The nineteenth century Russian woman is about to get a makeover.  Russian Vogue revisits its historic roots and celebrates 10 years of publication with the matrioshka doll.  Traditionally garbed in a sarafan or loose fitting jumper, these robust women dolls will be dressed by thirty some fashion greats including Giorgio Armani, Celine and Yves Saint Laurent.  In turn, the decorated babushkas will be auctioned off at a charity event November twentieth.  Can you guess the designer to the doll?  From left: Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Maison Martin Margiela and Stella McCartney.


November Sample Sale


Target Designer Collaborations

True to its philanthropic nature, Target delivers to fashion minded customers with a partnership with Great Brit, Alexander McQueen.  In March, the two conglomerati will join forces to launch Designer Collaborations, an effort to bring high-end fashions to the general public.  Notable designers will select a muse or concept and work off that design aesthetic to create a made-for-Target collection.  McQueen has chosen Leila Moss, lead singer of English rock band The Duke Spirit, inspiring rough trenches, studded denim, voile scarves and screen prints. “We believe Designer Collaborations will appeal to our fashion-forward guests as well as possibly attract new customers who are fans of Alexander McQueen and McQ,” said Senior VP of Target, Trish Adams to WWD.

Target’s Go International Flights of Fashion is similar to Designer Collaborations, but caters to more novice fashion talent.  Check your itineraries.  For Departure: Jonathan Saunders.  For Arrival: Thakoon due Christmas day.