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Sometimes, an accident is happy.  After multiple tests of some $12 Goodwill denim, I played my hand at a Shibori dyeing technique with some high-wasisted BDGs.  They didn’t turn out exactly as I was expecting, but after some wearing in, they’ve won me over.  A hip girl child inspired me to do some distressing at the knees and the bdg x xs lab rorschach skinny was born.

Moustache Man remarked that I’ve been feeling very denimmy lately.  I agree.  I just can’t get enough of denim and the endless DIY possibilities.  For a step by step Shibori guide check out honestly wtf.  For some ideas, help or inspiration check out denim refinery.  They’re both finds that were another one of those happy accidents.

credits: enza costa racer tank, bdg x xs lab roarshach skinny, ld tuttle the clear pipe, candice vostrejs metal cuffs

stud muffin

Moustache Man is my stud muffin.  He loves a good choco chip muffin filled with cream cheese.

I’ve been seeing a lot of spiked shirt collars lately and really love the juxtaposition of clean and simple mixed with something hard and well, pokey.  Rather than do the usual placement at the collar points, I decided to follow the horizontal hem of the collar corners.  To avoid any major disasters, I traced the collar on some cardstock and created a template for placement.  Overall a pretty easy little DIY.  I’d recommend Studs and Spikes for your spikes.  They have a variety of sizes and finishes with reasonable prices.

credits: asos shirt w/double collar x xs lab, hussein chlayan skirt, ld tuttle the clear pipe


A dash of this and a dash of that last weekend.

déjà vu

Moustache Man and I had a full morning, literally.  With our bellies filled with breakfast burritos and Chick-fil-A, we took to the streets on a shopping jaunt.  MM is quite dandy at finding things.  When I came out of the dressing room empty handed, he was waiting with a pair of tabi sneaks . . . he said he just knew they were for me.  Well, I couldn’t argue with that!

credits: xs lab the ventilator leather sheath, rick owens lilies dress, reed krakoff sandals

the ventilator

There’s no denying it.  Sewing leather is a bitch.  Can’t you tell from my expression?  Even after weeks of anticipatory planning, I ran into unexpected problems, had fist clenching frustrations and used a shocking amount of potty language.  But it all came to fruition and I’m pleased to introduce, the ventilator.

credits: xs lab the ventilator leather sheath, asos mesh bodysuit, elizabeth & james skirt, premiata pumps