NYR #2

Stocking Stuffed: I am not an accessories girl.  GASP!  I’m sure this mere declaration is sending shivers down your spine.  Afterall, statement jewelry is current and on-trend.  But with the new year, I’ve come to the conclusion that my style doesn’t have to follow the pack.  It changes with my experiences, not with the passing of the seasons.  So NYR #2 is to stay true to my fashion instincts.  And they say, “You love legwear.  Buy some.  Now.”

These are great chevron print tights.  I like them paired with this gingham coat even though the ad is straight out of the 90’s.  Can’t you see them adding some edge to an otherwise drab outfit?  I can.  Available at luxelegwear.com.

As a classically trained dancer, I think that legwarmers should stay in the studio.  Just kidding.  Only an unimaginative pomp would spout such nonsense.  If you can pull off a cool look, knock yourself out.   But I draw the line at pointe shoes, especially if you are a stickly thin lady trying to take a stab at my precious Degas.  Available at asos.com.

Spanx is great.  I hope Santa dropped off a few to each and every thong flasher.  Yep, still see them.  Since I don’t participate in such shenanigans, I got some footless tights from the fat jolly man.  I love them so much I wear them around the house because I don’t want to take them off.  Pro: They look cool with shoes because they create a bandage look.  Con: Sometimes they slip off your tootsies and then become just regular leggings.  At least you can wear them both ways.  Available at spanx.com.

At last, the creme de la creme of legwear, Wolford.  I didn’t know what the big deal was until I got a pair.  The fabric is luxe soft and feels good on the skin.  I have the 50 denier in barolo (wine/burgundy) and am experimenting with new looks.  It’s a challenge, but I like trying new things.  Available at wolfordboutiquelondon.com.

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  1. December 9th, 2015 at 2:00 AM

    Albim says:

    oh Momma!! LMAO! So feel your pain on this!! Once I was asked to be on an honor guard for a very special milatirty function. Not only as a part , but the Commander of the HG. OH YAY! But I was 2 months PP with second child. I knew I was gonna need to wear the body suit spandex. So I sqeeeezzzeedd , sucked,tucked and praed myself into it. Then I tried on my dress uniform. Hmm, not bad but crap! Couldn’t fasten the bottoms with the shirt tucked in to make a clean line and no bulge. So, I figured I would wear the panty with it. Tugged, drill-sargent voiced myself into that also, then redressed. Yes! I looked rockin good! I go out to the car, and take off, it’s an hour, 15 minute drive. I was hot, sweating, barely able to breathe. You can not sit down and drive in this stuff! Especially 2 layers! ( I left my jacket off for the drive cause it is restrictive and I am so short). I was litterally able to rest my chin on my boobs. Which even after 2 kids and being PP, I was barely hitting a C cup. So sad. Anyway, We rocked the event. My CG looked awesome and even got some cool new coins. Then 4 months after that, it was Military ball time for my husband’s unit. Oh here we go again!! Rocking dress, 2 layers, 6 months PP, and trying not to pass out during the long boring speeches and honors. I knew too many people there!

  2. April 28th, 2016 at 6:13 PM

    http://www.blrimages.net/ says:

    These look so good! Now I’m hungry. I need to plant zucchini in my garden this year just for this recipe alone. I loved your story. That happened to me with my son. He swallowed his first lose tooth when he was eating a cheeseburger! There was no finding that one

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